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Food waste

Updated: May 28, 2021

Every year over 2 million tonnes of edible food goes to waste in the UK. At the Living Room, we understand that this is not just an environmental issue, but a social one too. In terms of environmental impact, methane is released when the food is decomposing in landfills, which leads to climate change. Food waste has a huge impact on food poverty – one third of global food waste would provide up to 1520 calories for those who cannot access food in developing countries.

It is evident that we must try to alleviate this issue, even if it is on a smaller scale within our households. There are a number of easy, everyday swaps to help reduce our individual food waste, including planning meals in advance and freezing meals. On a larger scale, the introduction of ‘imperfect’ produce in supermarkets is a positive step towards reducing food waste as imperfect produce previously accounted for around 40% of all food waste as the produce did not meet cosmetic standards.

A recent development in reducing food waste is the app Too Good To Go. Too Good To Go is an app which connects households to stores and restaurants where unsold food can be purchased at a more affordable price. As food surplus is so integral to our mission, we have partnered with Too Good To Go in order to provide affordable food for the community, and to eliminate our food waste.

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