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Thank you all for the kind donations

Wow Thank you all so much

Its the week before Christmas and the world is a little crazy at the moment.!

Who would of thought we would still be here a year on fighting covid and being acclimatised to this new normal…. Well of a fashion anyway.!

so many people are finding it difficult at the moment and the stress and strain is showing across all of essential services that have been working at full capacity for so long.

But peoples kindness still shines through, I try to not look at the news and the sadness of innocent lives taken and corruption at its worst, but it’s really easy here to focus on the good when I see so many people who want to help.

We have food and presents arriving daily, people phoning, emailing and walking in offering smiles support and kindness it surpasses any negative news I hear.

so the lesson in this pandemic and another covid Christmas is look for the for the goodness in people and places they are there right in front of you,

If you can’t see it you are stood in the wrong place so move along and keep moving until you find it because it is there, people really do care.

Take care of yourself to

TLR xx


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